Monday, December 17, 2007

Thoughts - One

The waves of uncertain waters raise and fall as if scales of music
Music that sang of only an unnamed ache
Hands reach out to hold on to the once familiar pillar of strength
All that come in the palm is emptiness and hollow pain
The circles get more concentric and never ending
The mind feels like an empty house that is never rented out
No answers and worse still no questions either
Why is it so difficult to hear and say what is true and so much there?

The tender raindrops run down my car window
And I sit there waiting for a new beginning
Knowledge of more emptiness filling up my clouded mind
And yet the heart holding on to the dream that is

People walk the wet side walk
Sodium vapour lamps draining the blood off their face
People with lives to live and in a hurry to do so
While I sit here in eternal wait


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