Saturday, January 5, 2008

Coffee with me

A serpent rose from the coffee cup
Snaked its way up towards the skies above
Colorless and yet with a rainbow hidden
The aroma of Arabica will now will your nostrils

Listen to the good old shehanai
Playing on an overrated, overpriced music system
You can share my coffee but not my space
You can sit and listen to my mind wandering
My heart singing of days long gone
And even hold my hand to stop it from trembling

This cigarette will slowly burn
Smoke trail making love to the coffee’s sigh in the air
Tattered magazine read only by passing breeze
Your cellphone screaming with people who fetter you
A car key and my lost dreams
All scattered on this tiny wood table

Say no words and make no judgments
Just be
And stop your stupid ritual of becoming a friend
A teenager with boredom on his dark face
Will namelessly give you your cup too
Sip the steam
And drown in the valley of merkara
And I shall sit miles across the table watching you…


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