Friday, January 18, 2008

Scarlet screen

Vermillion spilt over the sky
Color of the walls of my heart
On its smooth surface
If you look too close, you will see
Scratches with blood oozing thru
Never ending flow of pain
Intermittent sighs of love
Reels unfolding of nightmares
Projected on a scarlet wall

There could be a snack break
You could sip soft drink
Steaming of my dreams that melted away
Bite into a piece of my soul
And look around to see a familiar face
Before another scene, another act begin

Silhouettes of love, romance and hurt
Will cloud your eyes and darken your sight
Hold on, don’t go
Let us together write that final scene
Create a show, never before played
I want to hear the unending applause
To feel many voices fill my space
To return from exile
To see eyes and faces I knew once … long back.


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