Sunday, January 20, 2008

Verses - 2

Heat of a new sun strikes straight on my brow
And I search for shades of peace
Or better still, cooling towers to bury my head
A little bird flapped its tiny wings ..
To fly out and find the skies of freedom
In a cage of ribs that creaked under empty days
Emotions continue to flap trimmed wings
For the soul to break free and fly
No scream is let out
No tears allowed to roll down my cheeks
It’s a space of nothingness
That speaks volumes ever so silently
Scratches of conversations from past
Haunt the inner corridors of a listless mind
Shadows of some joy
Lurking behind the pillars of reality
A child’s laughter that came from far
A silent strength that forgot to hold me close
A song that died from within and
A god with a meaningless smile on the wall


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